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Welcome to the Wikia '14th Generation Reborn', the wiki based upon the Anime, Katekyo Hitman Reborn. We hope you learn alot of this generation from this Wiki!

Vongola Guardians

Jupiter Synder, Lennart Saetta, Sage, Ren.

Varia Guardians

Silver Ryuzaki, Chrythemus, Cannibalistic.

Shimon Guardians


Millefiore Guardians


The Vindice

Pikachu, Jaaku

14th Generation Reborn!Edit

It has been mainy years since the 13th Generation Reborn split and went their seperate ways after the Millefiore (who had travelled from their defeated time and came to theirs) had been defeated. The old bosses, guardians and subordinates had familys and children who are the descendants of todays 14th Bosses, Guardians and Subordinates. Now, Jupiter Synder (Who takes his ancestors name) has taken over after his great ancestor, Jupiter Synder, boss of the 13th Varia. Aswell as that, Silver Ryuzaki has became Varia boss after his ancestor, Silver _______(13th Sun Guardian of Vongola) and Lennart Saeta, who's a descendant of Cecil Massimo(13th Varia Mist Guardian), has became The External Advisor of Vongola and the Vongola Thunder Guardian.

Many old descendants are popping up all over the place, coming to finish what their ancestors started. But, not only descendants of the 13th Legends are out there. New Allies and villians are also coming into the picture. Mainy new weapons, Flames and Powers are also in this futuristic world. Join us, as we battle the great evils of the 22th Century.

We Need You!Edit

If you want to join one of the Mafia, please contact one of of the Bosses: Silver Ryuzaki and Jupiter Synder. Go to and leave a message. If we are there, please Private Chat one of us and we will try to add you as a guardian or a Subordinate.(Arcobaleno Spaces are also available!)Edit

Main Characters(Good)Edit

Jupiter SynderEdit

Jupiter Synder is the 14th Vongola Boss and one of the Protagonist. Being a descendant of the great Jupiter Synder, the 13th Varia boss, he is both powerful and dangerous. He takes his name from his ancestor and his name and history are unknown, which is a reason of his mysteriousness. He is a exciting young man at the age of 27 and he is not bad with a Scythe. Being the partner of Lennart Saetta and a great friend of Silver Ryuzaki, Jupiter is good at picking great allies. He is not only trained with a Scythe, but he also wields XIV-gloves, which he wears on his hands. These gloves light with a Sky Flame and sometimes with a Oath Flame. Jupiter is one of the most powerful and weakest man on the Wiki. Jupiter likes contridictions.

Lennart SaettaEdit

Lennart Saetta is the 14 Generation Vongola External Advisor. Although not related by blood, Lennart is in possession of all Cecil's inventions that were keep secret and is beginning to use them to technologically advance the family. His own weapon though is a marble collection, although many of Cecil's old weapons have been used by him too.

Silver RyuzakiEdit

Silver Ryuzaki Kawogaya

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